Release Schedule

I don’t plan on releasing chapters in parts right now and since I’m only working on a single series , the chapters will be posted as soon as I’m done translating them. The plan is still the same but since Hollow Regalia chaps are already in parts, I’ll keep on updating them on the respective chapter page when I’m done with them. There won’t be any NovelUpdates notification but I will notify on the discord server.

The entire chapters can take around 10-15 days so I won’t be making any promises.

The Hollow Regalia – Vol 1 Chapter 2

This took longer than I expected due to my assignments and stuff.

The next chapter is big, like twice the length of chapter 1. And the sad thing is that my exams start on 3rd Jan and will last till mid-Feb probably. I’m not saying that I won’t translate in the meantime. It will just take time.

The ‘Beasts’ mentioned in this story are written as 魍獣 as opposed to the normal 猛獣 (both read as Moujuu). The 1st kanji in the former, i.e, means spirits of mountains and streams. So instead of using something like spirit beasts, I’ve just used ‘Beasts’ (with a capital B to differentiate it from normal beasts.)

I’ve said this before and I’ll say it again: I will update the NovelUpdates page only when the entire chapter is translated. I’ll notify for part updates in the discord server. You can also see the progress in the website sidebar (bottom of the page for android users).

And yeah, Happy New Year~


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The Hollow Regalia – Vol 1 Chapter 1

This chapter was the shortest one among all 4 in this volume so the others will take a little more time.

I did say that I won’t post the chapters in parts, but since they are already divided, I’ll update the chapter pages with them as soon as I’m done translating. But there won’t be any posts or nu updates until they are completed. I did the same with this chapter too. A discord server will help in this situation so you might find an invite like on this site in the upcoming days~

Chapter 1